April 2013

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-- President's Report
-- List of Officer Roles
-- Saints alive! 
-- Practical Academics
-- OOTB at St Paul's
Upcoming events
-- Yale Day of Service (11 May)
-- Redhot & Blue (19 May)
-- Speaker Series: Jan Stuart (21 May)
-- Speaker Series: Ian Shapiro (27 Jun)

President's Report 
Dear members,

The weather may not agree, but it’s springtime so here is the Yale Club Spring newsletter. The year has started off very well, with several excellent Speaker Series events, and of course Feb Club. Late spring/early summer will bring us more speaker events, visits from another singing group, a US tax seminar, and the important Day of Service.

I have been President for 11 years, and prior to that the club was run by Chuck Lubar for 13 years. During this time the club operated on a pretty simple model, and there was no need to formalise its procedures. However, times have changed, and we are looking to add some clarity to the workings of the Club. We have decided to structure the Club as an unincorporated entity, known as a The Yale Club of London.

Part of this process is to agree a set of rules by which we will operate.  The rules are posted on the YCL website, and we will hold an organizational meeting on 24 April at 6:30pm to discuss them, which will be followed by their formal adoption. This event will also be available via conference call for anyone unable to attend in person (please contact me at presdient@yale.org.uk if you are interested in this facility). I think that a clear set of rules and responsibilities will help us to generate more interest in the Club and its management. The meeting will be at 130 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 4UR, which is at the corner of Jermyn and Haymarket.

May I take this opportunity to thank Lavanya, Richard and Anica for their assistance with this process, and Bonaire, as usual, for great work on the newsletter.

Joe Vittoria '85, YCL President
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List of Officer Roles
The YCL Organisational Meeting on the 24 April 2013 will include a discussion of the various Officer Roles that will be formalised in alignment with the drafted rules of the Yale Club of London.  These roles (described below) have been proposed in order to provide the Club with a core management committee (i.e. President, Secretary, and Treasurer) as well as supporting officers who will be critical in creating valuable events and a sustainable level of communication with YCL members.  

-- President: To take overall responsibility for the Club, to make all major decisions, to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Club. Approx time required: 5 hours/week.
-- Secretary: To maintain the records of meetings of the Club, to co-ordinate dissemination of information, to liaise with the President on the general running of the Club. Approx time required: 3 hours/week.
-- Treasurer: To maintain the accounts of the Club; to present accounts at the AGM; to be able to present to state-of-play in our accounts to the Executive Committee, as necessary. Approx time required: 5 hours initially, then 30 min/fortnight.
-- Membership Co-ordinator: To maintain the database of members, cull old names from system, approve new members (with President). Approx time required: 3 hours/month
-- SIG Liaison: To maintain the flow of information between SIGs operating in the UK and the Club; to occasionally present a short piece on their work for the newsletter. Approx time required: 1 hour/month
-- Singing Group Liaison: To be the first point of contact for singing groups visiting London: to maintain a list of possible home stays (alums with spare rooms) and possible gigs, which can then be emailed to Tour Managers, giving them a bit of initial information about London. (You do not need to organise tours.) Aprrox. time required: 3 hours to set up, then perhaps 5 hours annually. (It's really just a few emails.)
-- Events Co-ordinator: To oversee the Events Team, to co-ordinate between the different alums each running their own events (eg Christmas Party, Speaker Series, Welcome to London, Art Yale, etc.) to avoid scheduling clashes, ensure timely flow of information, maintain consistency in mail-outs, etc. (You do not need to run any events of your own, although you are welcome to if you would like.) Approx time required: 3 hours/month.

Any comments or questions, please attend to the YCL Meeting or contact Joe at president@yale.org.uk.
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Saints alive!
As a St Valentine's Day special, fans of two great universities either side of the Atlantic were treated to a talk by Professor Andrew Hamilton, who as Vice Chancellor of Oxford and former Provost of Yale has intimate knowledge of both.

First touching on the similarities, both explicit (Yale's residential colleges modelled after the Dreaming Spires, the importance placed on rowing, etc.) and subtle (both universities use the same font in the same colour for their branding), Hamilton's talk began with a light-hearted tone. He then moved on incisively to discuss some important differences: Oxford of course has an admissions system where each college admits its own students solely on academic criteria and solely at the discretion of the dons, while Yale is outspoken in its desire to craft its incoming classes, taking into consideration myriad factors for the overall benefit of the university.

Then there are the vastly differing endowments, with Oxford's being a fifth of Yale's, and the difference in societal attitudes towards academic giving in the two countries. Hamilton by turns moved, amused, informed – and revealed – many things, even to those who know both universities well. Perhaps the most intriguing statistic of the evening was that only one of the two institutions can claim any saints among their alumni: apparently Oxford has educated at least 12!
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Practical Academics
Professor Edward Kaplan, a whizz both in intellectual and security circles, joined us on March 12th to discuss his specialist field: policy modelling, the technique of using mathematical formulae to solve real world problems.

First up was a discussion of his work on public housing in Boston. The local authority called on him when they were unable to figure out a system for moving families between temporary housing during a refurbishment of various facilities. Kaplan, as a graduate student, was able to come up with a formula which not only enabled the city to systematise the rehousing, but also to complete the works six months ahead of schedule. He has never looked back.

In New Haven he instituted a groundbreaking needle-exchange. Arguing that one should 'follow the needle' rather than the addict, he and his team instituted a precise system of time stamping and logging the movement of needles, leading to greatly reduced incidents of HIV/Aids in the city's drug-dependent population. Moving from the local to the global, since then Kaplan has concentrated on security issues, consulting for a number of governments around the world, most notably modelling the implications of the post 9/11 anthrax attacks. He also shared some pragmatic ideas on the uses of smallpox by rogue nations, and was full of colourful if rather terrifying anecdotes.

But most importantly for some in the audience (your club President was taking detailed notes here), he left us with some advice on how to win in those office football pools... 
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Out of the Blue at St Paul's Girls School
Out of the Blue played to a packed house at St Paul's Girls School in a fund-raising concert in aid of two new grand pianos for SPGS, arranged by Abel Halpern '88. Throughout the day the group had worked with students at the school, helping them hone their a capella and performance skills. In the evening, Out of the Blue treated an audience ranging from older alums to a few aspiring seven-year-olds to a variety of contemporary pop and jazz pieces, each in a new arrangement by one of the group. They were then joined on stage by the SPGS students, who performed beautifully, before finally joining OOTB members past and present to perform together.
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Yale Day of Service 2013
Date: 11 May 2013

Come and join other Yale alumni to talk with state school secondary students in the IntoUniversity programme about your professional field in the public, private or non-profit sector; your own career path; the role of formal education; and the value of both work experience and volunteer service.

IntoUniversity was founded ten years ago with the mission of making a university education available to young people from the poorest homes. Through its 12 centres in London, Nottingham and Bristol, IU provides after school academic support, undegraduate and corporate mentors and specially designed career focus weeks to children on free school meals or living in social housing.

An additional Service site in London is still being identified to ensure that we can provide several Day of Service options to Yalies on 11 May. If you would like to make a suggestion or speak further about an additional site, please contact Erik Gustafson at dayofservice@yale.org.uk.

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Get some Redhot & Blue in the English Countryside
Date: 19 May 2013

A fantastic opportunity offered by Jef McAllister & Ann Olivarius to join them at their beautiful house set in gorgeous Berkshire, less than one hour from London, to come and mingle with fellow alumni and listen to the outstanding Redhot & Blue. 

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Speaker Series: Jan Stuart
Date: 21 May 2013

Jan Stuart speaks on "The British Museum and Asia: an insider's insight to and perspective on recent developments at the British Museum"

Jan Stuart, Keeper of Asia at The British Museum, heads a department which houses a collection of over 150,000 objects from East, South, and Southeast Asia. Please join us for a unique discussion of art, history and diplomacy as Stuart uses the Museum's collection as a starting point to explore the recent exhibits, intriguing cases of aesthetic identity and the world of cultural international diplomacy.

As a new initiative, for anyone who would like to continue the conversation, Benedikt Koehler has kindly agreed to arrange a table for supper afterward. If you are interested, please contact him on: bkoehler9@gmail.com, so he can book for the correct number.

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Speaker Series: Ian Shapiro
Date: 27 June 2013

Ian Shapiro speaks on "Transitions to Democracy: South African Lessons for the Middle East?"
Based on his extensive study of the creation of viable democratic regimes, including interviews with many of the players who negotiated the South African transition between 1990 and 1994, Professor Shapiro will discuss the prospects for a settlement of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as well as the broader implications for the Arab spring.

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-- Yale Team Takes Second Place in International Health Competition
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Yalies in London
-- Redhot & Blue, Yale's oldest undergraduate co-ed a cappella group specializing in vocal jazz since 1977, will be in London on 19 May as part of their 2013 European Tour. Join them for the Redhot Country Walk, featuring a meet and greet with the Yale Community of London at Hennerton House, a walk of the beautiful surrounding of Wargrave, followed by lunch and a performance by Redhot & Blue. For more information about the event please click here or visit the Redhot & Blue's website at  www.redhotandblueofyale.org.

Have an upcoming event and could use some Yalie support? Want to connect with other Yalies? Send us the information at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll include it in the next newsletter.
Extended network events: not necessarily Yale affiliated, but perhaps interesting
-- College Goals will be presenting a two-hour event, "Choosing an American University Education," in London on 20 April. High school students and their parents are invited to learn about the advantages and challenges for international applicants, key points and tips in college entrance exam success (SAT and ACT), how to choose universities which fit the student academically and personally, and ways students can make their own applications shine. Details and registration can be found at www.collegegoals.eventbrite.com.
-- Tax Seminar: An educational seminar on how to plan your financial affairs as a US citizen and green card holder living and working in the UK, 30 April, London & Captial, 7 Triton Square, Regent's Place, London NW1 3HG, Contact: David Kosky: david.kosky@londonandcapital.com.

Know of upcoming events that Yalies can attend? Affiliated with organisations that put on interesting activities for the public? Let us know at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll spread the word! 
YCL Marketplace
Want to sell some of your prized possessions to a loving and trusting Yalie? Realised you won't be using those concert tickets after all? Looking for some support during your transition into the UK? Send us the details at editor@yale.org.uk or post it on the YCL discussion forum (opens in a new window) and we'll include it in the next newsletter. 

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