January 2013

President's Report 
Dear members,

The first newsletter of the year is a good time to review the previous year and then think about the year ahead. This newsletter is news in itself as the new format not only looks great, but also works on mobile devices. Great work on this and on the recent web site improvements by Bonaire Le and Anica Alvarez Nishio.

We all know that 2012 was a memorable year for London, but it was a good one for the club also. All the club’s events, such as the private tour of the Royal Academy and the fascinating speaker series, were well attended and reviews were excellent. The upcoming lecture with Andrew Hamilton has already attracted huge interest. We also expect several singing groups to come to London this year, and your help is needed to host them and to help arrange gigs for them.

We continued with the recurring events, such as the Christmas dinner, THE Game, and the Day of Service. The first two saw huge attendances, however the Day of Service was a low point, since a last minute cancellation by the target charity made for an 11th-hour scramble to replace it. Hopefully, we will have fewer problems with this year, and we can provide a really significant assistance to a worthwhile cause. Erik Gustafson continues in his role as coordinator for this important event.

The issue of evolution for the Yale Club is very much in the forefront of the planning for the officers of the club. We will certainly continue to deliver social and educational events for our members, but the role of Yale Clubs may be to be more pro-active in the community. Indeed, this type of activity was the subject of a weekend seminar with the AYA, which sees Yale Clubs around the world as potential focus points for more active volunteering services, and as a host for more SIG activity. In the UK there has been much talk of the Big Society idea, but this is a concept that has been embraced by many Yale Clubs in the US already. A follow-up AYA seminar on this subject will occur in Paris in mid-February, and all interested alumni are encouraged to consider attending, especially the younger alumni.

Our ASC, which continues to be excellently led by Richard Burston, is in the peak season for interviews, and we continue to thank all of you who participate in that activity. So far we have over 420 applicants this year and we hope to get everyone interviewed.

My final news is to mention that the club will shortly be formalizing its internal regulations and filing as an unregistered company. We thank Lavanya Raghavan for her excellent work on this.

No communication from me would be complete without my usual request for help. The club can only host great events and activities with the help of its members. We need help to continue to deliver these events, and I encourage those of you with time and enthusiasm to contact Anica Alvarez Nishio (secretary@yale.org.uk).

See you all soon,
Joe Vittoria '85, YCL President
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Alumni Schools Committee First Quarter Update
The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) season has begun again in earnest. Early Action candidate numbers from the UK to Yale were consistent with those of last year and despite falling UK university applicants, I am expecting similar if not increased Regular Decision applications to Yale this year. Our ASC membership continues to grow, which is extremely gratifying as my objective continues to be to offer all candidates a face-to-face interview. We have, in particular, increased our membership in London, Oxford and Cambridge. I welcome any Yale College graduates who are interested in interviewing on average two to four candidates per year to be in touch. It would be an especial help to hear from those Yale College grads living in more exotic UK cities such as Liverpool, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, York etc., who are not presently involved with the ASC, as we struggle with our more limited resources in these areas. Please drop me an e-mail (asc@yale.org.uk) if you are interested to learn about interviewing applicants for Yale.  -- Richard Burston ’82, ASC Director, UK
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Christmas Cheer and Courageous Convoys
YCL's annual Christmas Dinner was a pleasant cap to the end of 2012.  Just around the corner from the British Museum, over 50 Yalies and friends gathered in the warm and cosy lower ground floor of Truckles in Pied Bull Yard on the 3rd of December. The 18th century decor, exposed wood beams, and cellar-like alcoves provided a striking backdrop to the festivities.  Pre-dinner drinks consisted of friendly introductions and familiar faces over glasses of wine, pre-dinner cocktails, and pints of ale served in pewter tankards. 

With the celebratory crack of the party poppers, dinner was served. This year, the hard decision wasn't whether or not to attend the Christmas Dinner, it was what to order off of the diverse menu of starters, entrées, and desserts.  The options ranged from grilled goats cheese, warm crab salad, and spice parsnip soup starters to venison and smoked-bacon meatballs, sirloin steak, and stuffed salmon fillet mains.  

With satisfied pallets and drinks topped-off to the brim, the evening continued with a short talk by Joel Hafvenstein (DC '98).  Joel, an international development/aid worker and Disaster Risk Management Advisor to Tearfund, spoke on his time on the Afghan frontier in 2004 while working for Chemonics, which was employed at the time by the United States Agency for International Development.  His eye-opening story on the tensions surrounding the drug trade provided insight into the feasibility of implementing large-scale infrastructure projects to develop local economies.  While money and opium played a large role in the order of business, Hafvenstein discussed the more-important desire for security and safety in the region. 

As most members had to leave promptly after the dinner, the evening finished just as it had commenced -- in the comfort and familiarity of the Yale bond, rejuvenated year after year by Yalies past and present. We hope you can join us next time for YCL's Christmas Dinner!  

Many thanks to Erik Gustafson, Della Deme, and Joel Hafvenstein for making this event possible and enjoyable by all! 
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London FEB CLUB!
Date: 06 February 2013
Booking/Info: Click here to book and for more info

The ever-cool Stephen Milbank has pulled off another coup for FEB CLUB in London. The venue has a good vibe, great drinks, and Yalie feel (does a barely-marked entrance remind you of anything?). Plus, Lucky Chip, one of the most popular pop-up burger trucks in London, will be manning the Player's kitchen (a.k.a. Slider Bar) all night. This is substantial venue, so feel free to bring your friends!

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Speaker Series: Professor Andrew Hamilton
Date: 14 February 2013
Booking/Info: Click here to book and for more info

Intellectual amuse-bouche? Whet your Valentine's appetite with an early evening talk by Professor Andrew Hamilton who will be discussing the latest developments in higher education on either side of the Atlantic. Prof Hamilton will speak on "Yale and Oxford: Links Over Several Centuries," reflecting on his three years as Vice Chancellor of Oxford and the 14 years at Yale that preceded it. He will describe the strong (and surprising!) links between these two great universities and will also provide some, possibly opinionated, views on the differences in university education between the UK and US.

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Speaker Series: Professor Edward Kaplan
Date: 12 March 2013
Booking/Info: Click here to book and for more info

"Adventures in Policy Modeling": Professor Kaplan is an international expert in the world of Policy Modeling -- applying academic rigour to solve intractable real-life problems. Looking at topics ranging from couterterrorism to basketball, join us for what promises to be one of the most intriguing talks of the YCL Speaker Series this year.

Kaplan has been on the faculty of the SOM since 1987. His research has been reported on the front page of the NYT and the Jerusalem Post, editorialised in the WSJ and recognised by the NYT Magazine's 'Year in Ideas!'

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Out of the Blue to perform at St Paul's Girls' School
Date: 20 March 2013
Booking/Info: Click here to book and for more info

Out of the Blue (OOTB) will be performing live in support of the appeal for new pianos at St Paul's. Members of the Yale Club are warmly welcomed at the concert and pre-performance reception. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the purchase of new pianos. OOTB is considered one of the world’s best collegiate a cappella groups. Comprised of students from Yale University they arrange and perform a changing repertoire of current and classic popular music. The group use no instruments and compose all of their own arrangements. Come listen to popular student-arranged songs by Alex Clare, Katy Perry, The Beatles and Adele, among others!

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Campus Link - your source of the latest Yale news
-- Yale scientist named one of '10 people who mattered this year'
-- Sedentary in America: Yale Study Finds Further Connection Between Inactivity, Chronic Health Problems
-- Yale University team develops process for fuel cells made of glass
-- And two more make nine: Rhodes Scholars, that is...
-- Yale under fire for new campus in restrictive Singapore
-- Where Opposites Attract: Yale University Art Gallery Reopens After Renovations

Do you miss the Yale Daily News? Find out about the latest happenings on campus by visiting their re-vamped website here.

Yalies in London
-- Out of the Blue, a co-ed a cappella group of 16 members, will be in London between March 14th and 24th. They have secured housing and scheduled some concerts, and are now transitioning into planning meals for the group. They are, at this point, willing to "sing for their supper".  Club members who know restaurant, hotel, or pub owners who might be willing to pay for a performance with a free meal should contact Katharine Taylor Mighty, the group's Business Manager, at katharine.taylormighty@yale.edu. For more information about the group, visit yaleootb.com.

Have an upcoming event and could use some Yalie support? Want to connect with other Yalies? Send us the information at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll include it in the next newsletter.

Extended network events and gatherings (non-YCL, but just as fun)
-- London Executive Recruiters Panel hosted by Kellogg Alumni Club of London. Wednesday, 7-9pm, 23 January 2013. Come hear a panel of Executive Recruiters offer their insights on the current job market and opportunities in the New Year for experienced professionals, how best to work with Executive Recruiters, and what skills/experiences are most critical to advance your career. Click here to register and for more information.

Know of upcoming events that Yalies can attend? Affiliated with organisations that put on interesting activities for the public? Let us know at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll spread the word! 

YCL Marketplace
Want to sell some of your prized possessions to a loving and trusting Yalie? Realised you won't be using those concert tickets after all? Looking for some support during your transition into the UK? Send us the details at editor@yale.org.uk or post it on the YCL discussion forum (opens in a new window) and we'll include it in the next newsletter. 

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