June 2013

In this issue
-- President's Report
-- DOS 2013: Careers Panel with IntoUniversity
-- Modern Reflection of the 'Timeless' East
-- Young Alumni Events!
-- AYA Delegates and SIGs
-- Dwight Hall SRI Fund
Upcoming events
-- YCL Speaker Series: Dean Mary Miller (10 Jun)
-- Country Walk with British Bulldogs (15 Jun)
-- Yale v Harvard mixed football match (16 Jun)
-- YCL Speaker Series: Ian Shapiro (27 Jun)
President's Report 
Dear members,

The club has now implemented its new rules, and we continue to improve the club’s organization. This has been due to the increased energy and effort from our volunteers, especially Anica and Lavanya, but we can always use more ideas, so let us know if you have some time, even if only limited, to help us.

As part of the increased reporting to members, we will present our quarterly financial position. I have always felt that the goal of the club was not to raise money, but that we should have enough to enable us to provide the services that our members want.

However, the question is what do we want to do with the money? If we only want to enable social events, then we do not need as much. However, if we present our members with meaningful and valuable proposals, perhaps we will actually look to raise more. So, here are some examples of things we could spend money on:
  1. Funding for current Yale students who are unable to return home for Thanksgiving or even Christmas holidays, due to financial constraints. There are many more UK students now on 90% and over financial aid packages, who will struggle to fly back and forth at will.
  2. Sponsor one of our younger alumni to participate on the Yale Alumni Service Corps (click for more info). These valuable projects require significant expense paid by the participants, and willing volunteers find themselves priced out of this activity.
  3. Local charitable enterprises. Let’s consider adopting or founding out own local activity, so that Day of Service type events can be extended throughout the year. We are big enough to do this, but it requires money and resources beyond our current status.
  4. More assistance to other European alumni clubs, where the local Yale clubs are struggling to keep going. I believe the UK, as the biggest club in Europe (and indeed in one of the biggest in the World), should help our neighbours although this is a two way relationship since I feel we could use them a lot more as well (i.e. trips to various European cities with the locals showing us around).
Currently we have around £13,000 pounds in cleared funds. Our annual expenses are mostly the result of a few events which lose small amounts of money (i.e. Christmas dinner), and the subscription to the web site hosting company, which is about $1,000 (approx. £640). We can easily cover this with our annual membership dues. I have long said that these dues should be discretionary because we do not have a shortage of funds, and we do not raise money for any other reasons (i.e. Yale itself). I believe that the quality of our events and members’ services which we deliver are easily worth more than the annual dues. However, since we have enough money I do not complain when members tell me that they would rather not pay.  In these cases, I find that they usually do not understand that we are not subsidized by Yale, and perhaps they have not seen what great events we manage to offer. Once they experience these, they tend to agree to pay in the future.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing the members’ views, and I encourage you to contact me (president@yale.org.uk). If we get enough responses, I may post ideas up on the blog on our web site so that you can all see what these ideas are. I look forward to an interesting debate on this issue.

Have a great summer!

Joe Vittoria '85, YCL President
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Yale Day of Service 2013 – Careers Panel with IntoUniversity
For this year’s DOS on 11th May, the YCL partnered with the charity IntoUniversity to run an enormously successful Careers Panel for state school secondary students from disadvantaged backgrounds. At IntoUniversity’s North Kensington centre, we brought together 50 students and 30 YCL volunteers, representing a wide range of professional fields: medicine, law, finance, architecture, international development, business and technology, journalism and literature.

The interest and enthusiasm of the students was highly gratifying, with discussions spilling over from the panel sessions into the breaks. In their evaluation forms, the majority of students asked not only to repeat the day, but to extend it by running more and longer career panels! Volunteers enjoyed hearing each others’ career stories in the panel sessions and meeting other Yalies and their guests from a wide range of professions.

We would like to say a big thank you to our 30 volunteers and to our highly organised and energetic charity partner IntoUniversity for making this year’s Day of Service such an inspiring experience. For more information on IntoUniversity, visit their website: http://www.intouniversity.org/ . For photos and more details on the 2013 Day of Service, see the YCL website (here).
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Modern Reflections of the 'Timeless' East
The summer quarter of the Speaker Series got off to a rousing start with a talk by Jan Stuart, Keeper of Asia (and the first American to hold a senior position at the British Museum).

On a whirlwind tour through the museum's collection of over 150 000 items, Stuart elucidated the demands and delights of running a department of 25 people, specialising in a subject the public often sees as ‘timeless’ but which is challenging contemporary perceptions of the East. Works which at first glance seem to be traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings, but turn out to be digital prints portraying vast vistas of slums; commissioned works of manga which morph into bestselling stories; ‘paintings’ constructed of fluorescent light bars and brambles – are all examples of the vibrant, thriving, and thought-provoking pieces that have been exhibited at the British Museum.

Then there is the art of diplomacy, and Stuart spoke both insightfully and humorously on the trials and tribulations of sending treasured articles from the museum's collection abroad, of some of her experiences negotiating with the Chinese, and of fighting her department’s corner for space in the Museum’s diary. What is art? For whom is the Museum? How does one use culture to build partnerships and bind the world together? Interesting, gritty topics were covered in this intimate, graceful talk.

Related events which may be of interest:
  1. There is an upcoming exhibition curated by Yalie Mary Ginsburg: "The Art of Influence: Asian Propoganda", 30 May – 1 September, with a gallery talk by Ginsburg on 5 June at 13:15. Find out more about the exhibition and talk here, on the British Museum's website. 
  2. The YCL has two exciting upcoming Speaker Series events with Dean Mary Miller (Monday, 10 June) - and Professor Ian Shapiro (Thursday, 27 June) . We look forward to seeing you at these!
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Young Alumni Events!
The YCL is excited to announce a Yale v Harvard mixed football match on 16 June on the Battersea all-weather pitch (kick off at 2pm). There will be post-match teas and drinks at the Duke of Cambridge pub from 4pm onwards.

Back in October, Yale edged out Harvard on penalties (3-2) after a gutsy performance on a quagmire of a pitch ended with honours even at 2-2. Come out and play or support us in our winning ways! The weather should be glorious by mid-June (although no guarantees!), and Battersea Park will provide a picturesque backdrop to a cracking fixture followed by match teas, beer and Pimms. If you are interested in playing, please contact James Ford. (See picture of Yale's victory last October: Yale 2 – 2 Harvard (Yale wins 3-2 on penalties)).

In terms of Young Alumni Events, Lavanya Raghavan ’09 and James Ford '11 have stepped up to organise events tailored for Young Alumni on a more regular basis over the coming year. They are currently planning an event in late September both to welcome newcomers to London and to bring together some familiar faces. So, if you have any great ideas for events, are throwing a party that could use some Yalies, or just want to get together, please get in touch! Contact James and Lavanya.
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AYA Delegate and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)
We are pleased to welcome Anant Jani, who has volunteered to serve as our AYA delegate. Please contact Anant on anant.r.jani@gmail.com for further information, or to discuss any issues you would like raised at the annual AYA conference.

Alumni Shared Interest Groups
Thousands of Yale alumni are involved with enthusiastic alumni groups based around a shared identity, or around a shared interest arising from an activity at Yale or a professional interest. Sixty-four of these organizations are active in the US, ranging from the Association of Asian American Yale Alumni to the Yale Alumni Real Estate Association and the Yale Volleyball Association. YaleWomen recently held its first conference in Washington DC, attended by over 400 alumni. All of these groups would like to connect with alumni here in the UK, and would be delighted to help set up UK chapters of their group. Look at the list of SIGs at http://www.aya.yale.edu/find/sig, and you may find a group you would like to bring to London. To discuss any of these, or an idea for an entirely new SIG in London, please contact Renata Cesar, the Club’s SIG Liaison.

The Yale International Alliance is a new shared interest group for alumni with an international perspective, including alumni who came to Yale as international students or who currently live abroad. The YIA is working to engage alumni around the world through collaboration among different Yale Clubs and SIGs, and to strengthen the connection between Yale and its international alumni. If you would like to be involved or to find out more, please contact yaleinternationalalliance@gmail.com.
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Speaker Series: Dean Mary Miller
Date: 10 June 2013

Don't miss this opportunity to join us for an intimate round-table discussion as Dean Mary Miller speaks exclusively to the Yale Club in her only London engagement on current trends at the University.  Topics of discussion are: renovation, renewal and renaissance across the campus; investment and infrastructure (sciences, engineering, medicine);  new campuses (West Campus, SOM, residential colleges); as well as international outreach and initiatives (admissions, World Fellows, the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, NUS Yale College in Singapore, etc.). Dean Miller will start her presentation at 7:00 pm so don't be late!
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Country Walk with British Bulldogs
Date: 15 June 2013

Join the Yale Club and the British Bulldogs for a day walk in the Chiltern Hills, starting in the village of Great Missenden, which is 40 minutes by train from London. Charming villages, beech woods, quaint churches and a pub lunch await you!

Although you are free to just show up at Marylebone on the day and join us, registering for the event would helpfully give us an idea of numbers. Do feel free to contact Uy Hoang or Lavanya Raghavan if you have any queries or require further information.
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Yale v Harvard mixed football match
Date: 16 June 2013

Team up with fellow Yalies at a friendly Yale v Harvard mixed football match on Sunday, 16 June on the Battersea all-weather pitch (kick off at 2pm). There will be post-match teas and drinks at the Duke of Cambridge pub from 4pm onwards. The weather should be great so come join us to play or to cheer for the old blue and white! If you are interested in playing, please contact James Ford.

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Speaker Series: Ian Shapiro
Date: 27 June 2013

Ian Shapiro speaks on "Transitions to Democracy: South African Lessons for the Middle East?"
Based on his extensive study of the creation of viable democratic regimes, including interviews with many of the players who negotiated the South African transition between 1990 and 1994, Professor Shapiro will discuss the prospects for a settlement of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as well as the broader implications for the Arab spring.

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Campus Link - your source of the latest Yale news
-- Yale’s Ian Shapiro to speak at World Economic Forum on Africa 2013
-- Graduating senior Nicole Davis wins first Marina Keegan Award for her playwriting
-- Kagan discusses liberal arts education in farewell lecture
-- Yale Art Gallery exhibition explores the evolving field of wood art
-- Twin epidemics: HIV and Hepatitis C in the urban Northeast
-- Classroom Insights: Addressing Climate Change

Do you miss the Yale Daily News? Find out about the latest happenings on campus by visiting their re-vamped website here.
General Bulletin Board
-- Dwight Hall SRI Fund: The Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund consists of 20 Yale College students who manage $80,000 on behalf of Dwight Hall, which is the umbrella volunteer organization on campus. They aim to have a beneficial social impact with our investments, to support Dwight Hall's operating costs, and to educate ourselves about responsible investing. In the bigger picture, they hope to spread SRI to other colleges and universities, and to establish undergraduate SRI funds as permanent educational tools. They are now working towards a fundraising goal: raising $10,000 over the summer. For this to happen, they are hoping to gain sponsorship from Yale Clubs around the world -- non-financial or financial -- in order to raise awareness and secure alumni support. Rahul Singh (Class of 2015) studying at Cambridge, this summer and has requested to reach out to the Yale Club of London. He will be in Cambridge from June 29th until August 27th, and would love to have a chance to speak with some alumni about this new initiative.
-- Ideas for possible venues: As the YCL starts to expand our calendar of events to provide a wider variety of intriguing talks from the Speaker Series, informal get-togethers, meetings, and merriment, we would like to have a range a venues across Central London that we can cycle through and book.  We are in search of rooms for 15-60 people, ideally where we could provide our own catering and not empty our wallets! If you have access to rooms for hire or have any ideas of possible venues, please contact: Anica Alvarez Nishio (secretary@yale.org.uk).

Is there something that you'd like to share in the next newsletter? Send us the details at editor@yale.org.uk.
Yalies in London
-- 14 JuneYaw Mante (MC '06) will be exhibiting some of his African-inspired paintings at A Touch of Art 2013 in aid of Songhai Art Foundation, a charity which assists artists in Ghana and throughout Africa. Click here for more information or to book tickets please go to: http://atouchofart2013.eventbrite.co.uk/#.
-- 15 June: Join the British Bulldogs and fellow YCL members for a day walk in the Chiltern Hills! Please see the event listing on the YCL website to sign up, or contact Uy Hoang or Lavanya Raghavan if you have any queries or require further information.
-- 19 to 23 June: TimeWave (timewavefestival.com) is a new international festival that explores the fusion of theatre and technology. Featuring work by Cannes’ Golden Palm winner Neil LaBute and the BBC’s Paul Charlton of “The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek,” TimeWave gathers 75 artists from 10 nations, including the U.K., U.S., Russia, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Nigeria, and Italy. Produced by LoNyLa (lonyla.com), a global artists’ network fueled by Yale University graduates, in partnership with Innovation Warehouse (theiw.org), a leading British accelerator for digital startups, and the Stella Adler Studio for Acting in New York City, TimeWave gathers audiences to experience a performance that is simultaneously theatrical, cinematic, and Internet-driven, and where audiences can contribute via social media. Click here for more information or to book tickets please go to: timewavefestival.com/tickets.html.

Have an upcoming event and could use some Yalie support? Want to connect with other Yalies? Send us the information at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll include it in the next newsletter.
Extended network events and gatherings (non-YCL, but just as fun)
-- 27 June: The Directors Roundtable is a civic group which organizes the preeminent worldwide programming for Corporate Directors and their advisors. On June 27, they are presenting a special program entitled “Strategies for Confronting the Global Enforcement Reach of U.S. and U.K. Authorities” in London at the Pewterer’s Hall from 4:30 – 6:30 P.M. There is no fee to attend and a cocktail reception will follow the event. Please click here to download more information or visit the event listing on the YCL website.
-- 03 July: The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has invited YCL members to attend their annual ‘Hayek memorial lecture’, which will be given this year, by Grover Norquist, the founder and President of American’s for Tax Reform. The IEA is an independent, free market think tank which primarily produces academic research, though in recent years we have significantly increased our media presence in order to distribute the free market message as widely as possible. The lecture by Grover Norquist will be held at 6.30 pm on 3 July, at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, SW1P 3NZ and will be on the subject of tax policy. For further information please see the event page (http://www.iea.org.uk/events/annual-iea-hayek-memorial-lecture-2) or contact Caroline Rollag at crollag@iea.org.uk or on 02077998908. To RSVP and reserve a place at this popular event, please e-mail: hayek@iea.org.uk.
-- 26 July: The next All Ivy Plus reception will be held on 26 July at The Savile Club, 69 Brook Street in Mayfair London W1K 4ER. The reception will be held in the elegant Ballroom. Cost is £34 per person to include hors d'oeuvres and wine through the evening. To book, send your payment (cheque or postal money order) payable to "Cornell Club of London" to: Cornell Club - Events, 4 Betjeman Mews, London N5 2NB. Include your name, address, phone, email address, name of guest(s), and US alumni club affiliation. Your booking will be acknowledged by email. If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer, contact Natalie (nmt4@cornell.edu). Deadline for booking is July 19. For more details visit the listen for this event on the YCL website (click here).

Know of upcoming events that Yalies can attend? Affiliated with organisations that put on interesting activities for the public? Let us know at editor@yale.org.uk and we'll spread the word! 
YCL Marketplace
Want to sell some of your prized possessions to a loving and trusting Yalie? Realised you won't be using those concert tickets after all? Looking for some support during your transition into the UK? Send us the details at editor@yale.org.uk or post it on the YCL discussion forum (opens in a new window) and we'll include it in the next newsletter. 

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