Living in London

For newcomers to London, welcome to this great city! 

Finding a place to live in London is likely to be at the top of your priorities list and is, no doubt, a daunting task.  Hopefully some of the information below will help facilitate your move and make the task of finding a place to live a little bit easier.

Searching for Housing in London

First, know that the London housing market moves incredibly quickly. This means that you could view an apartment one day and move in the same day! Also, if you can stay with a friend in town for your first few days, this will give you the opportunity to view numerous places in person and give you a feel for what living there is really like.

Please find collated below a number of websites that will help the process and will hopefully lead to you finding a place within your budget, in the right part of town and/or with the types of people you want to live with.
  • is a good site to consider as you can search by budget, location and other categories.
  • is a bit hit and miss; you can find some good listings and some less desirable listings in equal measure. It's the UK equivalent of Craigslist in the states. 
  • is also a good standard that you may use to search based on location, budget, housing type, etc.  It also has a nice feature where you can draw a border around the area you'd like to live and only search based on your criteria in that region. 
  • is a useful site that collates properties from a host of agents that fit your preferences.
  • Along with Rightmove, Foxtons involves formal letting agents; they may be able to search for places on your behalf, but this approach would of course incur agents' fees too.
To supplement your own searches, you may also consider joining the Yale in London Facebook groups. From time to time, newcomers to London post housing requests and existing Londoners post details of a room that will soon be available - it may be that someone in the group will know of a place that meets your requirements!

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