A fundraiser - for Andrés Velasco

  • 06 Mar 2013
  • Westminster
The Yale Club does not venture into politics, since we do not wish to appear partisan in any way.  However, we have been made aware of an unusual event, which we felt might be of interest to a few of our members.

Chilean presidential candidate Andrés Velasco – Yale ’82, Harvard honorary degree – will be speaking at a private fund-raising event in London, March 6.

Hosted by Lord Sainsbury at his Westminster offices, and introduced by former foreign secretary David Miliband, MP, Andrés will be discussing his vision for Chile and Latin America, and his thoughts on maintaining engaged government amid a difficult financial environment.

Andrés served with great distinction as Minister of Finance in the previous Chilean administration. Before that, he was one of the youngest-ever tenured professors at Harvard, serving as Sumitomo Professor of Development and International Finance at the Kennedy School for many years.

Chile’s ability to progress to the next stage of its development is a bellwether for the Continent. Andrés represents the best of a younger generation – visionary but pragmatic, socially engaged but equally committed to financial responsibility, worldly but thoroughly Chilean.

A number of Yale friends are organizing the reception as a fund-raiser to support the campaign. A modest but meaningful donation is required, and there is opportunity for an exclusive dinner afterwards with the candidate, Lord Sainsbury and David Miliband.

Anyone interested in attending, please contact the organizing team below.


Tony Borden, JE - '83



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