Peter Giblin Jr.

Not East v West, but East AND West: Synchronicity and Symbiosis Between Spirit and Technology
Date: 16 October 2012

About the talk: We kicked off our autumn 2012 Speaker Series with a talk and discussion by Peter Giblin '92 on technology versus intellect and the economics of happiness.

As huge advances are made in automation, applied science and telecommunication, ever more faith is put into technology. There is a strong belief that current innovations are the key to resolving problems in the business, service and personal spheres of our lives; that most issues can be resolved using goal-oriented methods, supported by advanced scientific knowledge. Just-in-time delivery will help companies cut overheads and reduce costs. More efficient software will allow charities to communicate consistently with their supporters and increase donations. Across the internet, the number of blogs and websites devoted to the cult of happiness has never been higher. And yet technology does not address the core question of how people relate to each other, how people manage what is going on in their own minds.

A curator and designer of events, conferences and gatherings, specialising at the confluence of technology, art and science, Giblin has studied for 10 years under the tutelage of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and has found myriad ways of applying what on the surface seems an esoteric Eastern set of practices to the hard practicalities of everyday life. Giblin will give the historical context of some of these issues, give us a brief introduction to the BonPo lineage of Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism and discuss some concrete methods for maximising the benefits of modern technology through the use of ancient tools.

About the speaker: Peter Giblin '92 has been designing and producing conferences and events (for 6 – 8,000 participants) across Europe and the United States for over 20 years. Specialising in bringing together different disciplines and cultures to discuss and develop relevant solutions, Peter is known for the narrative structure and interactive formats that foster innovation and creativity in a wide variety of sectors.

Peter has produced award-winning films, produced the Rising Tide Summit technology series in the late 1990’s (which The New York Times described as the “TED of the East Coast”), co-curated the Poptech conference, co-founded the Invisible College, The LA Times called him a pop culture solutions provider. In 2004, Peter spent three years as the Head of Business Development for MShopper, the world’s first m-commerce platform, delivering price comparison shopping and buying via the mobile phone.

Returning to London, he has partnered with Camerjam to design and produce the M-series of mobile technology conferences, bringing an understanding of mobile to the sports, publishing and culture sectors. Peter is also the co-founder of the highly successful annual MLOVE ConFestival at Schloss Beesenstedt in Germany, where 200 global technology leaders meet each June with artists and scientists to discuss the future of mobileHe curated the Test Lab at Wired UK’s first conference in 2011 and was the Creative Director of the Festival of Media Global 2012. Over the last three years, Giblin has been developing, with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, ways in which to support the business community, and others, through teaching practical inner yoga skills. Peter is a Venezuelan-American who grew up in England and Switzerland. He has a B.A. from Yale University in American Studies and Film Studies.

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